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STEP (Sixth term examination paper) is a well-established mathematics examination designed to test candidates on questions that are similar in style to undergraduate mathematics.

STEP is used by the University of Cambridge, the University of Warwick and Imperial College London. Other universities sometimes ask candidates to take STEP.

Visit this website for detailed information about STEP tests.

Test dates and format

Exam Exam date Exam format
STEP 2 05/06/2024 Paper Based
STEP 3 24/06/2024 Paper Based

Registration deadlines

Exam Registration deadline
STEP 30 April 2024 18:00 hrs *

Access Arrangements: To ensure that your requests for modified papers is processed by the deadline of 30 April 2024, the British Council Spain require you to have submitted all requests together with the required supporting documentation/evidence, no later than 18 April 2024. Requests with incomplete evidence/documentation risk not being processed in time. Please also note that the required payment must have also cleared by this date.

Exam fees

Exam Test fee
STEP 2 351€/paper
STEP 3 351€/paper
STEP 2 & 3 702€/paper

How to register for the Admissions Testing exams?

You can sit the STEP (Sixth term examination paper) at British Council.

Access the online registration form and fill it in with your details. At the end of the form and at the end of this page you will find our bank details to pay the exam fees by bank transfer.

Information about the venue and time of the exam will be sent to candidates by e-mail approximately 7 days before the test date.