The British Council cooperates with Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing providing admission tests to the best UK universities and colleges. The exams are subject-specific tests taken by applicants for Medicine, Philosophy, Politics, Economics, Law, Mathematics and other related courses. They include:

  • BMAT (BioMedical Admissions Test) 
  • MAT (Mathematics Admissions Test)
  • STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper)
  • TMUA (Test of Mathematics for University Admission)
  • University of Cambridge pre-interview assessments
  • University of Oxford admissions tests

Visit Cambridge Assessment Admissions Testing for detailed information about admissions tests, including which courses require you to take a test, how to register, key dates, test format, how to prepare and how to get your results.

Exam dates and fees

You can sit the Admissions Testing exams at British Council. 

Exam Exam date Registration deadline Fees
BMAT 4/11/2020

30/09/20 (late entry deadline 14/10/20)

247€ (Late entry fee 312€)
TMUA 05/11/20 30/09/20 (late entry deadline 14/10/20) 220€ (late entry fee 240€)
CTMUA 5/11/20 14/10/20 147€
TSA/TSA1 5/11/20 14/10/20 147€
CAT, ELAT, MAT, MLAT, OLAT, Philosophy Test 4/11/20 14/10/20 147€
ECAA, ENGAA, HAT, NSAA, PAT 5/11/20 14/10/20 147€

How to register for the Admissions Testing exams?

Follow these three steps to complete your registration:


Download and fill in the registration form.


Download our bank details (PDF 50Kb) in order to make the payment by bank transfer.

In the REFERENCE section of your payment please write: [Exam / family name / test date] e.g. 'STEP / Garcia / 15 Jun2020'


Send the completed application form and a proof of payment to

Information about the venue and time of the exam will be sent to candidates by e-mail approximately 14 days before the test date.