Universidad de Londres

Long distance learners can sit their University of London exams with the British Council and complete their degrees without leaving Spain. 

How to register for the University of London examinations

Follow these steps to complete your registration:


Visit the website of the University of London and register for the dates of exams scheduled there. 


Fill in the registration form and submit it to the British Council office by email.

The registration form is available on the website of the University of London

After receiving the documents we will be able to provide you with a validation code which is necessary to complete the registration process in university's system. 


Once University of London sends the candidates list to the British Council office, you will receive an e-mail including the fees. 

* candidates taking the University of London examination have to pay in addition to the examination administration fee paid outlined in the above instructions, an examination fee to the University of London account. Detailed information can be found on the website of the University of London.