Access to Amigó 83

Access to c/Amigó 83

We welcome visitors with disabilities and those bringing wheelchairs. If you need help with access, or have any questions, please let us know.


The Barcelona Teaching Centre is located in an apartment building and occupies the ground floor and the first floor.

  • Muntaner FGC station is 200m away.
  • The nearest bus stops are 400m away. Bus lines are number 68 and V11.

The building is easily accessed by a ramp. All the pavements have dropped kerbs. 


The nearest drop-off point is outside the main entrance in c/Amigó 83.

Additionally, there is a special drop-off facility for visitors with disabilities. Please contact us before your visit If you would like to make use of it.


Amigó 83 does not have a car park.


Access to Amigó 83 is provided via the main entrance with steps to the ground floor .The main door is also accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users via a ramp.

You can see a photo of the main entrance above.

  • There is a set of five steps leading up to the main entrance and a ramp.
  • These steps have a handrail on each side.
  • The width of the main entrance door is 166cm.
  • Guide dogs are welcome.


There is a customer service desk 2m to the left of the main entrance . Our staff will be happy to help if you require any assistance.

  • There is a low-level customer service point that is suitable for visitors using wheelchairs. 
  • If you use a wheelchair, we will speak with you about a suitable emergency evacuation plan.


The Centre in c/Amigó 83 is on two levels, but only the ground floor with wide corridors is accessible to visitors using wheelchairs. The first floor is only accessible by stairs.

There is a café on the ground floor. The library on the ground floor is accessible to wheelchair users.


  • There are accessible classrooms on the on the ground floor for wheelchair users.
  • These classrooms are equipped with screen magnifiers.


There is an accessible toilet on the ground floor. It is suitable for people using wheelchairs.

  • The width of the toilet door is 86cm. The door opens outwards.