British Council Bilbao entrance

We welcome visitors with disabilities and those bringing pushchairs. If you need help with access, or have any questions, please let us know.


British Council Bilbao is located in an office block. 

  • Deusto metro station is 5 metres away.
  • Abando train station is 2.8 km away.
  • C/Lehendakari Aguirre 43 bus stop (Los Arcos) is 150 metres away.


The nearest drop-off point is outside Bidarte shopping centre on Avda. Madariaga, no. 24.

•This drop-off point is 100 metres from British Council Bilbao main entrance.

Taxis drop off and pick up outside the main entrance on Lehendakari Aguirre, no.29.  However, this is a bus-lane and as such is not recommended for private cars.

You can order an accessible taxi from Radio Taxi Bilbao


British Council Bilbao does not have a car park.

•There are pay-and-display parking spaces on Avda. Madariaga 100 metres away.

•The nearest public car park is 750 metres away opposite La Salle school on Avda. Madariaga 67, 48014 Bilbao, Bizkaia.



Step-free access to British Council Bilbao is provided via the main entrance on Lehendakari Aguirre. The main door is accessible to wheelchair and pushchair users. 

You can see a photo of the main entrance at the top of this page.

  • There is a sets of steps leading up to the lift which gives access to the British Council on the second floor of the building. There is a ramp on the left-hand side (see photo below).
  • The ramp has a handrail on both sides. 
  • The width of the main entrance door is 84 cm.
  • Assistance dogs are welcome



 As you enter the building you may need to go through a security check. This involves you and your bag being checked.


There is a customer service desk inside the main entrance. Our staff will be happy to help if you require any assistance.

  • If you use a wheelchair, we will speak with you about a suitable emergency evacuation plan.


British Council Bilbao is on two levels. On the second floor there are wide corridors accessible to visitors using wheelchairs.  

On the second floor of the building there are classrooms, the reception area, library, meeting room and cafeteria.

On the fourth floor there are classrooms.

In addition some classrooms are used on the first floor (premises belonging to Almi).

Access to all floors is via lift or staircase.  To reach the lift from the main entrance there is a ramp and a short (four steps) staircase. (see section on main entrance above).

There is a café on the second floor. 


  • There are accessible classrooms on the second floor. There is lift access for wheelchair users.


  • There are accessible meeting rooms on the second floor There is lift access for wheelchair users.


You can reach the second and fourth floors by lift or stairs.

  • The lift is a passenger lift. 
  • The lift door width is 81cm and the buttons are between 89 and 113 cm from the floor.
  • The lift has Braille buttons.
  • The lift does not have an audible announcer.
  • The stairs have a handrail on the left hand side as you go up.
  • Please contact us before your visit if you think the lift will be unsuitable for you so that we can make alternative arrangements. 


There is an accessible toilet on the second floor.  It is suitable for people using wheelchairs.

  • The width of the toilet door is 86 cm. It is a sliding door.