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Emily Torr


Emily Torr is an English Language Assistant, currently teaching in Tavernes de la Valldigna, Spain. 

Las 100 dudas mas frecuentes del ingles

Las 100 dudas más frecuentes del inglés

The British Council and Editorial Espasa have teamed up once more to launch a compilation of some of the most common stumbling blocks for Spanish speakers learning English. The book takes a question-and-answer format and deals with a wide variety of topics, including writing, verbs, prepositions and particles, expressions, sentence construction, corrections, questions of style, and much more besides.

Published in 2019 | More information 

LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime

LearnEnglish Kids: Playtime

Learn English through fun, animated song and story videos. Safe, ad-free games and activities help your child develop in these key areas in English: reading, listening, speaking and grammar.

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Mark Howard, Director

Mark has an adventurous spirit and has worked in countries as diverse as South Korea, Romania, Colombia and Singapore. His curiosity and passion for learning saw him start out as a teacher of history in the UK. He then switched to English and began working for the British Council, with whom he has been teaching and learning for 25 years. He is currently Director of the British Council in Spain.

IELTS Preparation App icon

IELTS Preparation

Looking for help to prepare for the IELTS Speaking and Listening tests? Download the IELTS Prep App!

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La importancia del juego en la infancia

The importance of play in childhood: a guide from the British Council School

Claudia Xibixell, School Counsellor and Coordinator of the Wellbeing Hub at the British Council School, presents this guide with key explanations of the importance of play, throughout the different stages of childhood, for children’s proper physical and emotional development. 

Publicado en 2018 | Descarga aquí PDF (5MB)

Learning Time with Timmy 2

Learning Time with Timmy 2

Play three exciting games in this educational app to help your child learn English words and phrases. Learning Time with Timmy 2 features games to challenge your child’s cognitive skills and to help language development.

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Learning Time with Timmy 3

Learning Time with Timmy 3

The third app in the 'Learning Time with Timmy' series features a new reading game, new videos, stickers and party themes to help young children learn English. With this app children will learn over 60 new English words, review vocabulary from the first two apps and boost their cognitive and memory skills.

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English Impact cover

English Impact: an evaluation of English Language Capability

English Impact aims to provide robust policy-relevant data evidencing English language capability in the Community of Madrid.  The presentation of the assessment results and the supporting data is intended to provide depth and insight into students’ assessment outcomes, and go some way to showing the impact of the English language policy in Madrid.

Published in 2017 | Download PDF (8MB)

IELTS Word Power logo

IELTS Word Power

Get ready for the IELTS exam! Practise with over 100 questions in 11 categories ranging from science and technology to work and business.

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