A boy studying English online with our MOOC

Our massive open online courses (MOOCs) are free programmes of study developed in collaboration with the British platform FutureLearn. Using approaches that go well beyond traditional linguistics, our MOOCs allow students from every corner of the globe to develop their English and discover British culture. There are also opportunities for teachers to continue their professional development.

It is not necessary to do a placement test or contact us to access these free courses.

Registration is now open for the following courses:

For students and teachers

Exploring English: Shakespeare (add to wish list) 

Improve your English-language skills through the life and works of William Shakespeare. Test your comprehension by listening to experts and actors from different parts of the world. Discover the universal themes addressed in the great playwright’s work and the Shakespearean expressions still in use today.

For students

English for the workplace (join now)

This course is designed for people wanting to improve their career prospects by improving their English-language skills. You’ll watch videos and listen to audio recordings of people searching for and applying for jobs, preparing for and attending interviews, and starting work in organisations with colleagues of different nationalities. 

Exploring English: language and culture (add to wish list) 

Learning about British culture is a great way to learn English, and vice versa! So, if you’re sick of traditional syllabi, raise your level with authentic English in context, from linguistics to literature, science to scenery, and entertainment to entrepreneurship. Each week you’ll learn about modern Britain and what it means to us, and, of course, to you! 

For parents and teachers

English in early childhood: language learning and development (starts on October 22nd) 

Languages cannot be learned in isolation from lived experience, especially not in early childhood. In this course – aimed at parents and practitioners alike – you’ll learn more about how children learn languages as they grow, both emotionally and physically. You’ll learn all about the importance of play in positive and enabling environments, and how to guide children on their learning journey. 

For teachers

Teaching for success: the classroom and the world (add to wish list) 

The teaching of English has never seen so many rapid and revolutionary changes.  Keep up to speed as the profession breaks new ground socially, technologically and theoretically. We’ll help you keep apace of all the latest developments, with a multitude of ideas on everything from multimedia to multilingualism. 

Teaching for success: lessons and teaching (add to wish list) 

If you want to hone your skills as an English teacher, this is the course for you. Over four weeks, you will discover and develop lesson-planning resources and abilities. This MOOC is part of our Teaching for Success: Practices for English Language Teaching programme, which delves into the 12 professional practices in our teacher development framework.

Language assessment in the classroom (add to wish list)

English-language assessment has been gaining significance in the development of educational policies across the globe. This course will boost teachers’ understanding of the different types of evaluation and the ways in which they can be applied in class.