Acceso a British Council Segovia

We welcome visitors with disabilities and those bringing pushchairs. If you need help with access, or have any questions, please let us know.


British Council Segovia is located in the interior of Padre Claret School, a redbrick school building 

  • Guiomar-Segovia AVE train station is 5km away.
  • Closest bus stop is approximately 50m away lines 1,3,5 and 14 stop there. 

The street leading towards the main entrance has a relatively uneven surface which may be challenging for those who have mobility issues. To enter the building from the street, there are two flights of stairs that lead to the main door. Once in the building, visitors and students have access to a lift to reach the floor the centre is on, as well as a ramp

There are two accesses to the playground of the school. In the morning, they are only open when school starts and finishes (at 9, 13:30 and 16:30) and in the afternoon, the gates remain open from 16:00 until 20:00


The nearest car drop-off point is Calle los Castillos which is where the back entrance of the Claret school is. One must take into account that Calle los Castillos is quite a busy street and therefore parking can be an issue.

  • This drop-off point is 300m from British Council Segovia’s main entrance.
  • This drop-off point is where the back entrance to British Council Segovia is located.

There is also a drop-off point [where: eg outside the main entrance] that can be used by visitors with disabilities. Please contact us before your visit so that we can arrange this.

The closest taxi stand is located at the “plaza oriental” next to the aqueduct which is approximately 8 minutes away. You can order an accessible taxi from Radio taxi Segovia


British Council Segovia does not have a car park.

  • There are free parking spaces on Los Castillos Road, 300m away.

The nearest public car park, Aparcamiento Acueducto Oriental, is 550m away. It is pay-and-display. 

  • There are public accessible parking spaces in Calle San Antonio el Real . These are pay-and-display. To use these you need to display a Blue Badge.



The main entrance of British Council Segovia is located on Padre Claret Avenue first floor. Once on the first floor the main entrance to the British Council Segovia is accessible to people using wheelchairs or pushchairs 

Step-free access to British Council Segovia is not provided due to the fact that British Council Segovia is located on the first floor of the Padre Claret building it does however, have ramps if you access the building from the back entrance located on Calle Los Castillos which will lead you to the lift.

  • From the main entrance of the building, one can reach the centre either by going up three flights of stairs (13, 8 and 7 steps each) or by using the lift next to the stairs.
  • These steps have a handrail on the left hand side (as you go up).
  • The width of the main entrance door is 173cm.
  • Wheelchair or pushchair access to the main entrance is via a lift 
  • The width of the accessible door is 184cm.


British Council Segovia has two accessible entrances located at:

-Padre Claret Avenue 50m above the buildings main entrance

- Los Castillos Street which is the street parallel to the Padre Claret Avenue, behind the school building

If you wish to use this entrance please call us when you arrive since both opening time and closing time are connected to when school starts and finishes.

  • Wheelchair or pushchair access is via a lift.
  • The width of the accessible door is 184cm.



There is an information desk located in the main office which is on your left as you walk down the corridor of the centre. Our staff will be happy to help if you require any assistance.

  • If you use a wheelchair, we will speak with you about a suitable emergency evacuation plan.


British Council Segovia is on one level (first floor of the building), with wide corridors accessible to visitors using wheelchairs once you are in the building.

The ground, first and second floors of the Colegio Claret feature some wide level corridors accessible to visitors using wheelchairs. Other sections of the building have steps up and down, for which there are no ramps.


  • Accessible classrooms are available once on the floor where British Council Segovia is located (first floor) to access the first floor, use the lift.  
  • All classrooms are equipped with computers.
  • All classrooms are equipped with sound systems as well as with Interactive White Boards.


Accessible meeting rooms are available on our floor use the lift to access to our floor.


You can reach the centre by lift or stairs.

  • The lift is a passenger lift. 
  • The lift door width is 70cm and the exterior buttons are within 137cm of the floor while the buttons inside the lift are located at 110cm from the lift floor.
  • The lift does not have Braille buttons.
  • The lift does not have an audible announcer.
  • The stairs have handrail on the left hand side (as you go up).

Please contact us before your visit if you think the lift will be unsuitable for you so that we can make alternative arrangements. 


British Council Segovia does not have an accessible toilet in the centre. There is however, an accessible toilet on the ground floor of the building close to the reception office of the school (Please ask the receptionist if you need to use it).